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30 October 2009 @ 08:18 am
Ok: So right now I am p'd off! I'm nearly losing my voice which sucks because .... well it just does k? I hate it :( This is like the second time in the last 2 months now that i've had a sore throat ... n0ob - whoever created sore throats .....

On "brighter" note: I was inspired by hayleyghoover on youtube to sign up to take part in NaNoWriNo. This is where you bascially have a month to write a 50 000 word novel ....


I am just so tired at the moment: I have literally no energy inside of me .... running up 3 flights a stairs 10 times a night sure is keeping me "fit" I suppose.

Ok So: Back to NaNoWriMo ... I have decided to make a "fantasy" type novel for children (yay! :D) .... So lets see if I can be as good as the brilliant and loved J.K. Rowling :P 

Synopsis: Anna Acorn: The Dream Interpretor: 

Seeing everything that she dreams about coming true, Anna Acorn dreams of the things that she wants to happen: only to find out that sometimes things you dream for don't turn out as you wanted.

If you'd like to see the excerpt then here you go!


Anna never knew why, or what, it was that made her feel so scared to wake up every morning. She hated the fact that she had such an irrational fear, but she never mentioned to anyone: it was her own personal secret.

                It was an early, crisp April morning. Without any expectancy, her alarm clock went off and Anna jumped awake and screamed. Realising eventually what it was, she turned off the alarm clock and sat up; however, whilst she did this, an eerie sound came from the cupboard in the corner of her bedroom. She froze. “What could it be?” “What is it?” – She pondered.  Sitting there in a deadlock of silence she stared at the cupboard waiting for something to come out - but nothing came.  Feeling rather disappointed, Anna put her slippers on and headed downstairs.

                Greeting her with the loving, warming and gentle care as she always does, Anna’s mum – Lucy gave her a huge hug and walked over to the breakfast table with her. “Where’s dad?” asked Anna, only to be told that he was still away from home working in the United States. That’s why it had been so quiet around the Acorn household.  Or not as Anna thought.

                “I heard something again mum; it came from the cupboard in my room” – explained Anna. Lucy looked up from the newspaper with a cautious smile and said “it is only your imagination Anna, for all you know it could be that charming prince a girl your age swoons over”. However; this did not interest Anna in the slightest. “A charming prince … I don’t think so mum. I don’t want anything to do with boys, you don’t know where they could have been, and they spend all day jumping in mud and fighting. I am a lady after all, I want to do things like make cakes and read about clothes”. Simply smiling and laughing away the idea of her daughter, Lucy continued to drink her coffee and asked politely “finish your breakfast dear, or you’ll be late for school”.